Become a Member

Much has been made of the tremendous efforts of the society to restore the canal from its derelict state to the wonderful recreational facility it is today.

However the tight budgets of recent years have taken their toll and now the society is calling on local people and businesses to join them to boost the canal’s fortunes and future. Regular subscriptions and donations from members make a difference towards conservation and sustainability of the canal.

This will really help us in our aim of “Keeping the canal alive”, not just for now but to benefit future generations too. 

How do you benefit?

As a member of the Society you :

  • contribute to the upkeep of the canal and support the work of the Society.
  • receive a quarterly newsletter highlighting the activities of the Society 
  • may attend the Free monthly trips on John Pinkerton II trip boat.
  • can receive discounted tickets on society trip boats.
  • can attend Member only Social events.
  • can access member only section of the web site.
  • may volunteer to help to the society.