The society is run entirely by volunteers and we are grateful for the time and effort that they all give to the wellbeing of the canal. 

Without volunteers the society would not exist and the Canal would suffer. For example, each year more that 28,000 hours of Volunteer time is spent of the Canal!

To each and every one of our Volunteers : Thank-you!

There are many reasons why people volunteer:

  • To socialize. It is fun!
  • For health and fitness reasons.
  • For a sense of “giving something back” to society, and maintain the Canal for all the community: “Keeping the Canal Alive”.

A list of current vacant Volunteer roles is available here

Work parties

We currently have various work parties helping to maintain the canal, by clearing the footpath, removing weed, and constructive work such as building wharves. Please click to find out more.


These are our eyes and ears of the canal. Each Lengthsman regularly monitors a section of the Canal, or lengths, to keep an eye out for anything untoward, for example, litter, possible leaks and obstructions to the navigation and towpath. Please click to find out more.


The Society run two trip boats, which generate a significant amount of money for the upkeep of the Canal. These boats are crewed entirely by volunteers, who undertake all operational tasks such as:

– Steering
– Serving in the Galley
– Overseeing embarking and disembarking
– Mooring
– Lock and Bridge Operation

Full training is given. Please click to find out more

Behind the scenes

The society could not operate without a significant number of volunteers who help with the important administration tasks, such as ticketing, eventing, sales, publishing, bookkeeping etc. A full list of vacant roles is available here.